Actions -> toggleFieldEdit

Programmatically toggle the edit mode for fields. `toggleFieldEdit accepts the following arguments:

  • the internal formBuilder field id, "frmb-1532640608269-fld-1"
  • the index of the field you would like to toggle, 2
  • and the selector for the field which is handy when you'd like to edit all header fields at once, ".header-field"


const fbEditor = document.getElementById('build-wrap')
const formData = JSON.stringify([
    type: 'header',
    subtype: 'h1',
    label: 'Header',
const formBuilder = $(fbEditor).formBuilder({formData})

// Can be used 2 different ways
formBuilder.actions.toggleFieldEdit(currentFieldId) // first
$(fbEditor).formBuilder('toggleFieldEdit', currentFieldId) // second