jQuery formBuilderformBuilder v3.17.0

A jQuery plugin for drag and drop form creation

Drag and Drop

Add some fields to the formBuilder and render them here.



  • Create and edit form templates
  • 43 configurable options
  • 11 action methods
  • 31 languages
  • Custom controls
  • XML and JSON data


  • Render form templates created with formBuilder
  • Export userData for saving or re-use in templates
  • 7 configurable options
  • 5 action methods

What's New

3.17.0 (2023-11-07)

Bug Fixes

  • add additional row cleanup check to ensure no artifacts are left in the DOM (612d009)
  • If label is intentionally blank or label is not enabled we fallback to 'type: name' for the control label to ensure a value is visible on the stage (fcff9e9)
  • remove bootstrap initialisation of blank row on empty form. It is not required. (b8fd49a)
  • remove redundant checkRowCleanup() (9b27a6e)
  • remove redundant droppingToPlaceholderRow which uses the same check as droppingToNewRow, and simplify the logic. (62c0562)


  • store the bootstrap row's id to the rowWapper via data-row-id (dd68b52)

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